End-User License Agreement (EULA)

This is an agreement between you as an individual and CSM. The usage of CSM follows according to the terms in this agreement. By pressing the "I agree"-button you show that you agree to bind to the terms and rules in this agreement.

CSM does not guarantee that the game will function without interruptions, follow given time frames, be secure or bug free. CSM does not guarantee anything whatsoever. By pressing the "I agree"-button, the user (you) understands that you are using CSM on your own risk.

The user accepts and understands that all data and material is downloaded from CSM after the user's judgement and at the user's own risk, where the user is responsible for lost information or damage on the user's own computer.

The user is completely responsible for holding his or her own user information and password secret. The user is also completely responsible for everything that is done from the user's account.

The user agrees to enter correct and valid information during the registration process. Also, CSM takes on the right to make some of this information visible to other user's on CSM. The user's first name, nationality and gender are examples of this.

If any part of the registration information is incorrect, CSM takes on the right to delete that user's account, and thereby the user's usage of CSM. The user agrees not to use CSM for any commercial purposes. The user also agrees not to use any graphics, information or data from CSM without written approval from CSM. CSM takes on the right, to remove any accounts that has not been online for more than 45 days.

The user accepts that CSM is not to be held responsible for any matters regarding the user's private account. The user is not permitted to use the mail function or the forum to send chain mails, spam, illegal or other improper messages.

The user agrees not to use CSM for anything illegal, harassing, abusive, threatening, damaging or angled material despite the motive. The user also agrees not to transfer any kind of material that goes against local, national or international laws and regulations.

CSM takes on the right to change game and forum rules at any time, without prior warning. CSM also takes on the right to modify or shut down it's service towards a user without prior warning at any time. CSM may also change the terms and rules in this EULA without any warning.

CSM Spelförening, organization number 802414-9596, is responsible for the personal records of its users. CSM respects and defends your personal integrity. We always prioritize the protection of all the information you confide to us and naturally follow the laws and rules that exist - i.e. the laws regarding personal records - in order to protect your integrity.

Only a limited amount of people with special authority have access to the information. The information are necessary for the user to be able to use CSM and its functions on a recurrent basis. Information regarding your address and telephone can also be used for analysis, development, information, marketing, direct marketing (i.e. via SMS) and market research purposes distributed by CSM Spelförening.

CSM Spelförening may also give statistical information to a third party within and outside of EU/EES for marketing and market research. This information can not be traced to the individual user. CSM uses so called cookies to keep information regarding individual users activities on CSM. This information may be used for tasks such as verify login and automatically fill in certain forms for the user's return visits to CSM.

Cookies are defined as a packet of information that is stored in the user's computer to be downloaded by the server the next time the user visits the site. A cookie is practically only consisted of text.

§1 General information about the rules

§1.1. The rules are here to ensure that all managers have an equal chance of success and to prevent misbehaviour in the game.

§1.2. All users are expected to know the rules - ignorance is not an excuse!

§1.3. If you break the rules, you will be punished.


§1.4. A manager is innocent until proven guilty.

§1.5. If you see another manager breaking the rules, please report this to an admin immediately by sending a support ticket.

§1.6. If you break the rules, turning yourself in to an admin may result in a milder punishment.

§1.7. Examples of punishments include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Economical fines
  2. Point deductions
  3. Forum bans
  4. Additional Punishement Points
  5. Account bans

§1.8. When your account is disabled, the purchased services and coins will not be refunded as stated in the EULA. However, they may be transferred to another account of choice.

§1.9. The Divine Clause - In the event that an issue arises that is not covered by the rules, then the admins will have the final say in accordance with the principles of the rules and the spirit of the game.

§2 Manager information

§2.1. When registering your account you should provide the correct information. Examples of the information that should be correct are:

  1. Your name
  2. Your email
  3. Your age and date of birth

Failure to do so will be a disadvantage to you if you are found to be breaking another rule. (Further information)

§2.2. If any relative or friend is playing from the same place as you, inform your national admin about it. Please see rule §.3 (Further information)

§2.3. When registering please ensure you are signed up to the country of your residence. If your country is NOT listed, use the "CSM Country". If you are found to be playing from another country without a good reason then your account will be disabled. (Further information)

§2.4. You are not allowed to have more than one account at any time. (Further information)

§2.5. You are not allowed to log into another persons account. (Further information)

§2.6. You are not allowed to sell or give away your account. (Further information)

§2.7. You are not allowed to forcefully take over another persons account. (Further information)

§3 Sportsmanship

§3.1.You are not allowed to deliberately lose a game in any official competition. (Further information)

§3.2. You are not allowed to manipulate the outcome of a game in order to help friends. (Further information)

§3.3. You are not allowed to use any known or unknown bugs or exploits within the game. (Further information)

§3.4. Boosting is not allowed. (Further information)

§4 The transfer list

§4.1. When bidding, never bid (much) more than the market price for a player. Unserious bids are regarded as cheating. (Further information)

§4.2. You are not allowed to deliberately transfer money from one clan to another. This may be by trading a player at a higher value or trading many players with lower values. (Further information)

§4.3. Placing bids on players owned by a friend or a relative may be seen as a possible cheating attempt by an admin. (Further information)

§4.4. If you see someone making an unrealistically high bid on one of your players, you should report it immediately. This is for your own benefit as, otherwise, you may be viewed as participating in a money transfer attempt. (Further information)

§5 Behave well when communicating

§5.1. When writing in the forums and scribble boards always keep good manners and act according to the forum rules.

§5.2. The content on your clan page is not allowed to be offensive, break any copyrights or in other ways be against Swedish Laws. It should not link to any such material either.

§5.3. You are not allowed to use CSM for any commercial purposes.
§5.3.a Trades within CSM are allowed when using CSM coins as payment (ie, buying tactics).

§5.4. No nudity, pornographic or offensive material is to be used for Clan Pics, User Pics, Clan Presentations or Clan names.