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    This is the latest version of the rules.

    In quote:

    "We value the human ability to judge higher than static rules, since these will never be flexible nor precise. The following are guidelines, you are asked to follow."

    § 1: Behave Properly

    § 2: Relevant Topic: Correctly titled and located.
    § 2.1: No Attention Seeking

    § 3: Relevant Content
    § 3.1: No Spam
    § 3.2: No Advertising
    § 3.3: Nothing illegal

    Below you can read, As a starting base, how we, the admins, interpret the rules.
    Notice, that this interpretation might be subject to change, from time to time.

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    § 1: Behave Appropriately
    § 1.a It is requested that you speak in a polite tone to other members, even if that person is breaking this rule. If this is the case, then approach an admin, explain the situation, and let admins handle the matter. Stay away from the forum and commenting on the issue if you have nothing useful to say.

    § 1.b Personal conversations and situations are handled via mail and not the forum. If you have no possible way of making a constructive comment to a subject, please do not comment on the issue at hand.

    § 1.c If you are having a bad day, or are generally in a bad mood, please stay off the forum until you have settled down.

    § 1.d Treat new members and those new to the forums with respect, kindness, and leniency. A bad experience may mean that a player may not return to the forums and may be forced away from the game. New players are likely to ask many previously answered questions on the forum, please give them the respect in answering appropriately. If the answer can be found in the help files, refer to the link directly.

    § 1.e Insulting or flaming someone due to spelling errors is not allowed. Not everyone is good at English, but everyone should be able to use the forum as long as the person can express himself in English.

    § 1.f We do not tolerate posts which can be seen as offending, refers or contains sexual content, or are provoking different user groups, either via link or via posts in the forum.

    §1.g If a user violates a rule, do not approach the user; mail an admin instead with a link to the thread.

    § 2: Relevant topic: Correctly placed and titled.

    § 2.a Topics must have a headline which describes the content of the thread.

    § 2.b Topics must be placed in the forum that relates to its subject.

    § 2.1: No attention seeking is allowed in the forums.
    § 2.1.a Topics are not to be placed in the General Forum just to get more people to see it.
    § 2.1.b No Captions are allowed in the headline.
    § 2.1.c Character abuse (e.g.!!!!!!!!), word-spamming (e.g. look! look! look! look!) and capital letters are forbidden.
    § 2.1.d If you have had a post/thread deleted, please contact an admin instead of making a new thread asking why.
    § 2.1.e You are not allowed to make a topic OR post in a topic for someone who is forum banned. Breaking this rule might cause problems for both users - the poster and the banned one.

    § 3: Relevant Content

    § 3.a Topics must have a subject that more than 2 people in CSM will find interesting.

    § 3.b Please do not advertise your players, staff, records, IRC-channels, or similar items on the forums. Clan Presentation feedback can be done in this thread: Feedback for Clan Pages

    § 3.c A post in a debate has to contribute to the subject discussed in the topic WITHOUT FLAMING OR INSULTING.

    § 3.d SPOILER
    ["color:white"]Type your spoiler here.[/color] (without the quotes)
    This way people who don't want to know the spoiler don't have to read it.
    If you want to read it, just select the text with your mouse.

    § 3.1 No spam:
    § 3.1. Spam can be classified as, but is not limited to: Flooding (a lot of useless posts), Boosting (getting your topic at the top, with posts like "up", "bump", etc.), Laming (posts with not content at all ie. they have no discussion).
    § 3.1.b Tag spam is also unwanted: meaning, the use of[b'] [i'] [u'] and [color]. Smiley's should be kept to a minimum, and only where it makes sense using it.
    § 3.1.c The exaggerated use of the voting option is as well unwanted. Vote option should have relevance to the topic.
    § 3.1.d Quoting should be kept to a minimum. Quote only what you answer to.

    § 3.2 No advertising:
    § 3.2.a It is not allowed to post links to external sites where you are paid or in other ways are gaining from other people's clicks. These include, but are not limited to: outwar, fallensword, travian, etc.
    § 3.2.b It is not allowed to advertise for a competing business or one's own business.
    § 3.2.b.2 It is allowed to discuss such.

    § 3.3 Nothing illegal

    § 3.3.a It is not allowed to discuss, link to, ask for help or request sites about warez/illegal sharing.
    § 3.3.b It is not allowed to post comments which are against Swedish law.
    § 3.3.c It is not allowed to post comments about how to cheat in CSM.
    § 3.3.d It is not allowed to post mails from a user without the permission of that user.

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