Increased player supply

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    noiah wrote:

    And thanks for not commenting on the part where you played 15 years more then others.

    Why dont you do that? Why dont you tell us what you used those 15 years on? You should have 3-4mio in the bank now or a extrermely overpowered team, and a trophy room so full its about to burst.

    You dont have shit, except more time then everyone else to write the same garbage on forum over and over.

    dude, i dont get you.

    raid ons personal achievements in this game do not matter AT ALL, when it is about discussing _ANY_ topic.

    your arguments imply, that only someone who is "the best" in something is allowed to take a side and discuss, post ideas or whatever the fuck is possible in a forum/game like this.... then, tbh, you should be one of the first to shut up, and many others too, because many in here are lacking this sucess you DEMAND of raid...

    but this makes no sense. you dont need to be a top musican to criticise music, you dont need to be one of the best directors to criticise a movie.

    raid on is posting in here, and has the same right as everyone else. if you have problems with his ideas, his arguments or his appereance, then just ignore him, thats VERY easy.

    to go the personal way, including words like "retard" "idiot" and similar, adressed towards raid, surely doesnt let you look very good, not to say you look exactly like the things you told raid what he is.

    but, well : i have the sucess you demand of raid. i won several very nice trophys, often with underdog teams, i won CL within 1000 days (which was, back then, the first time ever, and nearly impossible to do, with a quick 85 cl and a quick 92 p5, to add this, against teams full of 500s, like biggy and many others). so according to your logics, that your postings towards raid on imply, I SHOULD BE allowed to post arguments and step up in this discussion. so let me do so :

    raid on is correct with his arguments and postings, and your are just a bitter and sour person, that doesnt obey the forum rules, and for some very weird reason still aint banned from this forum, which SHOULD have happend long ago, with all the insulting and similar shit.

    good night

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    noiah wrote:

    Now I dont know when Days tournaments was implemented, but that is also outdated.
    There should ofcourse be more Days tournaments because the game is older now.
    Not rocket scienze.

    after 400 days you aren't considered beginner anymore in csm, therefore no need of days WWTs for 400+ days. if one really enjoys the beginner experience, he/she could stop logging in for 35 days every 400 days to get the current acc deleted and then enjoy all days WWTs everytime. ofc it could annoy real beginners who gets surprised by a veteran beginner.
    nevertheless, if you can prove that csm beginners suddenly became so bad that they cannot even catch up to be able to win trophies of all 4 majors within 1k-2k days despite lots of decent csm agent deals, then maybe csm could stretch the current days WWT stage from 400 to 2k days.

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  • #8 2021-06-07 11:58

    noiah wrote:

    Start by playing the game you quit many years ago, then you can start talking.

    by taking the risk of analyzing his own and others' tryouts + training them up he will benefit us all once doing a early ragesell. one out of many ways of playing this game. for the sake of future TL supply let's hope he managed to analyze some 500s/400s with hand 85+/300s with 90s bases. high risks, high rewards.

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  • #10 2021-06-07 13:50

    if possible to tweak 13-18yo csm agent players would be nice

  • #11 2021-06-09 21:13

    Need more young and cheap 500 CL’s fast.

    Very important.

  • #12 2021-06-10 05:24

    Definitely agree with j0nas

  • #13 2021-06-10 08:04

    dont listen to them, let them starve

  • #14 2021-06-14 09:41

    No daily cheap and young 500 CL's on TL from CSM-Agent.

    Very disturbing.

    Need players fast. Very important.

  • #15 2021-06-14 14:22

    J0nas wrote:

    No daily cheap and young 500 CL's on TL from CSM-Agent.

    Very disturbing.

    Need players fast. Very important.

    +1 and More German 300s, 400s and 500s needed. Very time critical task.

  • #16 2021-06-15 11:54

    +2 and more Dutch players aswell?

    hoping for XP4 500/500 natural hehe

  • #17 2021-06-15 14:34

    and more money for Nazareno to become rich🙄

  • #18 2021-06-15 16:35

    Nazareno^^ wrote:

    and more money for Nazareno to become rich🙄

    Good luck becoming rich by analyzing tryouts. In the meantime some TL sharks buy cheap csm agent players and resell them with profits every season.

  • #19 2021-06-15 19:39

    Not a bad choice ... but I can't compete against hyper rich managers ... despite that, even if the GA team gives me useless warnings, I'll keep fighting 🤌🏻

  • #20 2021-07-01 17:08

    No 500 + 500 CLs on TL at the moment.

    Please fix.

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