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    soon they will be paying us to keep playing this dead game xD

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    Welcome to the place where everybody dreams, give ideas but nothing happens

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    Raid on wrote:

    tsunami wrote:

    Proto comes with the conclusion that because the game is dead in terms of development we should pay less, which makes sense.

    as consumer you are free to pay less to express your dissatisfaction. however, you might end up with less features than before if you intend to keep playing on top level while cutting the costs for lancamp + tactical simulator.

    That was not my proposal and the goal is not to spend less or have less features. The game is overrated atm and not living among the present time, its outdated and relying on aged procedures and rules.

    Saying the price is to high, because its retracting actual new members to spend and use it once they can see already that is not much of a future. But that does not mean having less features otherwise would not make sense to reduce.
    At the same time I have once requested for extra lancamp room and could cost double the price in coins, so you actually paying more to the game.
    I also agree with your idea of a premium deluxe VIP where is more expensive but with a lot more feature then the existing ones.
    At the same time creating such different scales makes the game better once you just separating the rich from the poor like in real life. Not very nice!
    And just referring Tsunami topic about gear with coins there is another way of the game making money, as you said right, the server, staff and coding takes time and money and should be payed for it...
    There are a lot of new features that have been introduced to improve the game and specially for new members to make it more even when joining the game... VIP price reduction is another one for new members! Not for the old ones! We know what it takes

    Should be a means to an end and overall rethinking to make the game more updated, efficient and actually more interesting for older and new members.

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    prot0 wrote:

    VIP price reduction is another one for new members! Not for the old ones! We know what it takes

    the suggestion you made in first post is actually increasing the lowest VIP price as it removes the cheapest VIP option of 10 coins and make the new cheapest one 15 coins per month.

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    Yes but you are not increasing... thats just a point of view.
    erasing the 1st option you giving a better option with more features for less money.

    By making new members not spending 10coins but 15coins you actually bringing more income to the game and also a fair purchase for new and all members.

    So if you take close notice I am doing game management not downgrading anything with income or expenses.

    Just like I do in my company. You have a product and you make it more attractive and fair to users! and the result its a win win!

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