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    I must start off with the usual congratulations we give to our last season`s champs of each tournament, so here`s who made us smile in the last moments of Season 120.

    u know? Carassius auratus(^-^) (Darnious)
    mistadobalina is an oldfella (mic.check)
    imbalance ≠ Berlin Alliance (jaaqov)

    Season 121's Veteran Tournament Overview

    I want to start off talking about what seems to be the upcoming star of Germany, jaakov. This guy came to csm having not the best results or journey, probably those being the motives behind his rebuild. Cheap team that is to be neither underestimated or f*&%d with, jaakov's youngsters came out swinging last season helping him get his hands on that Bronze trophy. Loosing the number one spot in his group in the favour of /7E4EHbe, jaakov had to go head to head with the one that followed to win the tournament, the never stopping to use his extremely cheap team, master Darnious, game he sadly (for him) lost, only to get up from the ground and return the group "favour" with a stunning 19-11 win that also awarded him the last of the top 3 spots.
    All eyes on you this season dude. Everyone wants to see if you can overpower yourself and hit that #1 spot. We`re rooting for your success. (actually nobody said that... I`m the one rooting here...)

    Silver can be used for spoons and against vampires. So either mic.check wanted to start his own "spooning" business or he wanted to stay at a safe distance from Count Dracula, one thing was made loud and clear, you don`t take Darn`s spot if you`re scared of vampires. Having lost the winning group position to Darnious, the game to decide gold or bronze final was a slightly close call, the 17-13 victory in front of /7E4EHbe probably felt so awesome, that "someone" went to check his mic and forgot he had to play the grand final. Oh well... 2nd place in Veteran isn`t exactly something you shouldn`t be proud of, after all, everyone knows that Veteran Tournament is a solid and competitive WWT (except zoif ofc).

    Last but not least, Darnious. After trying 265 burger recipes and creating 21 folders of tactics, got his A-Game in place and flawlessly won a tournament that was hard and sweatty for everyone except him. His players are so old, they shouldn`t be payed salaries; actually Darn is the one that should be recieving retirement funds for still letting them play. But at the rate those guys play, I don`t think it`s time to say goodbye just yet. Some rumors say those guys are vampires, because they live forever and s*%t. Probably that why mic.check got cozywozy with the silver trophy.

    Country Breakdown: Country (this season) [last season]

    Argentina (0) [0]
    Austria (0) [0]
    Belgium (0) [0]
    Brazil (0) [0]
    Denmark (1) [0]
    Estonia (0) [0]
    Finland (0) [0]
    France (0) [0]
    Germany (2) [0]
    Greece (0) [0]
    Israel (0) [0]
    Latvia (2) [0]
    the Netherlands (0) [0]
    Norway (0) [0]
    Poland (0) [0]
    Portugal (0) [0]
    Romania (0) [0]
    Russia (1) [0]
    Spain (1) [0]
    Sweden (0) [0]
    Switzerland (0) [0]
    UK (0) [0]
    USA (0) [0]
    CSM Country (1) [0]

    Community Breakdown: (this season) [last season]

    ツ Old Glories ツ (1) [0]
    Oldfellas (1) [0]
    Tяiad ®‎ (1) [0]
    nouhau (1) [0]
    Pingers (1) [0]
    imbalance (1) [0]

    Communityless: 2 (0)

    = qualified by winning a Veteran qualification
    = Teams that were promoted from a lower qualification

    Groups stage

    Group 1
    Glory ツ 𝓼𝔂𝓹𝓱𝓸𝓷 𝓯𝓲𝓵𝓽𝓮𝓻 (jowsdeflows)
    mistadobalina is an oldfella (mic.check)
    [nOtactic]Lions tm (/7E4EHbe)
    Tяiad • 3.1415 {R} (migara)

    Group 2
    u know? ςђเℓℓσยт (cleanbean)
    #ONE LAST DANCE ¬ pιngers (Det_)
    imbalance ≠ Berlin Alliance (jaaqov)
    Clan_2211162 (CSM-System)

    Good Luck everyone!

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    Ty for the coverage and your encouraging words

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    jaaqov wrote:

    Ty for the coverage and your encouraging words

    You got dis. I believe!

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    Thanks for the review, gives me somne motivation

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    PixeL wrote:

    jaaqov wrote:

    Ty for the coverage and your encouraging words

    You got dis. I believe!

    Seems youre deep in love here

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    Did I accidentally create this in the German forum?

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    German #1

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    Lvl3 cl didnt get payed this weekend

    GG everyone

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