Damage model per weapon

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    I have tried to research the csm forums and the manuals and engine specs for this:
    What damage models does csm actually use, I think it might be copied from CS or csgo, but from what moment?
    For example the p250 in csgo was able to do a helmet 1 shot headie prior to a certain update in 2017.

    I would like to gain access to the damage models and drop offs if possible.


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    This game was made in 2005. I would assume almost everything is as it was in 2005 when developed, except some later updates that were made such as new map, lan camp, etc.

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    Yeah theres my issue regarding it, it is assumed. (nothing personal there Apoc)

    for optimalisation of the tactics i would like to know the use.
    F.E. in CS/CSGO theres the need of 1 AWP mostly, in CSM the pace is too high to do damage in that.

    thats why i am wondering damage models over normal cs/csgo stats

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    I don't know.

    I believe (just based on how the game works) that weapons already don't function the same as in regular (2005 version) of CS.

    Just look at AWP.

    So, I am assuming any "damage model" is probably unique and at best just tries to imitate normal CS.

    Also, I don't think this kind of information will ever be revealed to us.

    CSM was always a game where we were supposed to figure these things out by ourselves through experimenting and testing.

    Also, everything I wrote above is my personal opinion. As you yourself know admins don't have access to this data. At this moment probably only MrKaizer alone has access to this kind of information.

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    afaik para can kill on a oneshot no matter what

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    Yeah I know our big mrkaizer might have access.

    That's why it is in the help topic, you can't find out damage models if you don't see damage
    The shots happen too quick due to stacks etc.

    Curious if anyone has it sorted, or mrkaizer can give some info about it.

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