I bought a player, why is he not in my clan yet?

When the deadline for a player has passed and you had the highest bid, you will receive a mail about the transfer the first whole/half hour after the deadline. The player will join your clan approximately 24 hours after you have received this mail.

What are the most important skills?

It is generally agreed upon that the most important player skills are (in random order):
1. Aim
2. Handling
3. Quickness
4. Determination
5. Awareness

The importance of the different skills have been and are still widely discussed between manangers. It is however agreed upon that these five (often referred to as the top5 skills or just top5) are the most important ones.

When it comes to the other player skills, there is less certainty amongst managers as to which ones are more important than others.

Why is my activity bar 0/5? I log in several times a day.

The activity bar is not connected to the amount of times you login on the page. The only thing that affect your activity bar is the amount of PCW's you have played the past three days.

In order to have a full activity bar, you need a total of 5 points.

Points are given out depending on the amount of pcws you play:
2+ PCW-games: 3 points
1 PCW-game: 2 points
0 PCW-games: 0 points

Calculation example:
The clan played 1 PCW game yesterday: 2p
The clan played 0 PCW games 2 days ago: 0p
The clan played 2 PCW games 3 days ago: 3p

Total: 2p + 0p + 3p = 5p

The clan will have 5/5 in the activity bar.

What is a bootcamp (BC) partner, and how do I find one?

A BC partner is someone that you play PCWs against regularly. In order to keep your activity bar (you can find an explanation of the activity bar here) high, you should preferably play two pcws per day. The easiest way to do this is by having a specific user that you play against daily.

In order to find a BC partner, you should make a topic on the Bootcamp section of the forum.

Note: Try finding someone with an average value similar to yours. This will result in your receiving the best training possible for your players.