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What is my average value and/or skillpoints (SP)?

The find the average value (skillpoints) of your lineup, you need to add together the value (skillpoints) of the 5 players you wish to find the average for, and divide the sum by 5.

The easiest way to find your average for your lineup(s) is by looking at the bottom of your players page

Can I change my home/landing page?

Yes. If you wish to set a page as your home/landing page, all you have to do is press the star located at the top of the page. When a page is not set as your home/landing page, the icon should look like this:

After pressing the star, the page should have been set as your new landing page, and the star should change to a golden color:

What is my Clan ID/User ID?

The easiest way to check your CID/UID is to write your clan name or user name in the search function, then hold the mouse pointer on your name/clan name and note the last numbers.

Can I delete my account and/or start a new one?

No, it is not possible for you to delete your account. If you wish to stop playing or start over again you have two options:

(1) Stop logging in and your account will be automatically deleted after about 45 days of inactivity (no logins)

(2) If you want to start over, ask for a reset by sending a support ticket. You will receive your new team immediately after your support ticket has been handled by an admin and you have received and accepted your reset mail. (You will not lose coins and VIP)

You are NOT allowed to create another account.

Is it possible to change my username?

Yes, the admin team is able to edit your username. If you wish to change your username, please send a support ticket to the admin team and request for it to be changed. Do not forget to include which username you would like to change it to.

I wont be able to login for a while, what should I do?

The main issue with not being able to login is that you will not be able to accept PCWs and therefore not keeping your activity bar full.

In order to help users with this problem, CSM has what we call a vacation manager. When the vacation manager is activated, all PCW challenges you receive from users in your budy list (or just Boot Camp-partner, depending on how you set it up) will be automatically returned to the challenger so that he will be able to accept it for you.

It is also possible to set the vacation manager up so that it will automatically choose a new sponsor for you, should your current deal run out while you are away.

To begin with, every user has 30 days of vacation manager at their disposal during the year. Should you however be in need of more, simply send a support ticket explaining why and an admin will be able to give you more days if needed.

What does "Disciplinary status" mean?

When you break the rules in CSM you will get a number of disciplinary points depending on the rule broken. Major offences lead to immediate bans while minor offences may earn you a number of disciplinary points.
Your disciplinary status indicates how many points you have. The number of points is reduced for every year you stay out of trouble. You cannot get your points reduced in any other way.
There are three disciplinary levels: Clean, Minor Incidents and Danger Zone.

How can I become an admin?

When the admins feel like they need more colleagues, they usually post an announcement in the international and/or national forum(s). This is the time to take action if you would like to become an admin yourself.