2D Live & Tactics

What are waypoints?

Waypoints are the most simple tactical point. When using a waypoint the player will simply run by this spot on the map on his way to his next tactical point.

When using a waypoint you have no exact control as to in which direction the player will look. If the waypoint is the last point in a tactic, the player will stop at the waypoint, but you are not able to choose in which direction he will aim.

What are synchpoints?

When your player reaches a synchpoint, he will wait there until the other team members reach the synchpoint.

For example:
If you have a player on your team reaching his 4th synchpoint, he will wait there until the other players on his team reaches their 4th synchpoint, assuming that they have one.

The easiest way to get comfortable with how the different points in tactics work is to try experimenting with them and watching in 2D to see how they play out.

What are camppoints?

Camppoints are simple waypoints making the player camp in the location you have set on the map. This means that the player will run to his/her camppoint and stay there until time run out or the other team plants the bomb (if you are Counter Terrorist)

When using a camppoint, it will always be the last point that player can have in the tactic. In other words - there can be no other points placed after a camppoint for a specific player.

What are waitpoints?

Waitpoints are like camppoints in the way that they are the final tactical point a player can have. When the player reaches his waitpoint, all other players will stop at their respective syncpoint. First when the player at the waitpoint dies, the other players will continue with the rest of their tactical points.

The easiest way to get comfortable with how the different points in tactics work is to try experimenting with them and watching in 2D to see how they play out.

Tactics editor or 2D player page is blank, or i get a security warning prompt.

The old 2D player and the tactics editor are based on Java, so some points must be observed.

- Check if you have Java installed and it is fully updated.
Open www.java.com and click on "Do i have Java?" to run the test.

- You'll have to add CSM's URLs to the Java exception list to make the security warning go away.

1) Go to the Java Control Panel (On Windows Click Start and then Configure Java)
2) Click on the Security tab
3) Click on the Edit Site List button
4) Click the Add in the Exception Site List window
5) Click in the empty field under Location field to enter the URLs
6) Click OK to save the URL that you entered.
7) Click Continue on the Security Warning dialog

- Browsers known to work:
Internet Explorer
Chrome (up to version 41)
Palemoon (32 and 64 bits)

- Browsers known NOT to work:
Chrome (versions 42 and up)
Firefox 64 bits

Note: If you are using a x64 (64 bits) browser, you need the x64 Java plugin.

What is Fog of War (FoW)?

When Fog of War (FoW) is forced, you can only see your opponents players when players playing for your team can see them. If FoW however is optional, you can choose whether or not to play with or without FoW. You can switch between the two options simply by pressing space.

I deleted all of the default tactics, but my players still use them.

If you have deleted the default tactics, but your team continues using them in your games, this is most likely because the Clan Leader has no other tactics to choose from.

If you do not have any Pistol/Standard/Eco tactic in the set of tactics you are using in a game, default tactics will automatically be used even if these have been removed from your tactics folder.

How do I create good tactics?

Being able to create good tactics yourself does not have to be a very hard thing to do. It does however require some time and effort both in setting the tactics up and testing them in games, but also when it comes to editing them as your team and competitors evolve.

In the begining it might be hard to now where to begin. One thing you can do is to look at some official games, such as Champions League finals. You should be aware that these are all teams with some of the best players in the game. The tactics they are using may therefore not work as well for you, but at least they should inspire some motivation. Here are links to some previous finals:
Champions League Finals (Season 51)
Champions League Finals (Season 50)
Champions League Finals (Season 49)

Another thing you need to do is understand how the different tactical points in tactics work. The best way to learn this is by experimenting with them and watching your game afterwards to see how they played out. There are also some tactical guides created by users that might prove useful:

R3LiC's Tactics Tutorial
Tactics Tutorial by kanar
Beginners guide: tactics by KeaRzooO